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How to reduce stress for holidaying pets

  • Allow plenty of time to deliver your pet to the kennels, so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Your stress will be communicated to your pet and it is better if he leaves you when you are relaxed and happy.

  • Take a few daysí supply of your petís normal food, together with your petís bed (unwashed), favourite toys, chews and treats if the kennel allows.

  • Take an item of natural fabric that smells of you and will retain your comforting scent for a few days while your pet settles in.

  • When you leave, try to be jolly and matter of fact, rather than consoling so your pet thinks there is nothing to worry about.

  • A young pet will benefit from a few days in kennels every so often early in life so they get use to the experience.

  • Have your petís up to date vaccination certificate.

  • Take a written or typed list of your petís ailments, medication intake and other special requirements.

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