Bellewstown Kennels and Cattery - Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery in East Meath, North County Dublin

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About the design of Bellewstown Kennels and Cattery and who runs it

Bellewstown kennels is set in some three acres of land and was designed to reduce the amount of stress a dog may experience while staying away from their home. A purpose-build fully insulated building has been divided into four sections: three sections contain six kennels, each with its own outside run, with the fourth section designed exclusively for the small house dog and puppy. These four sections enable the dogs to be kennelled according to temperament and to reduce the number of dogs that are disturbed when a kennel has to be accessed.

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Denis McKeon who runs Bellewstown Kennels designed these kennels after doing a lot of research into the way a dog thinks and after visiting a lot of older kennels to identify their failings. The main aim of the design of the building was to minimise the stress dogs feel when not in their home environment. So far the design has been highly successful with repeat customers being amazed at how willing their dogs are to return to the kennels.

Denis has been involved with working dogs and training classes over the last twenty five years and is a successful breeder and exhibitor of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels having bred the CKCS World Champion at the World Show in Germany in 2003.

He is a founding member of the Irish Boarding Kennel and Cattery Association (IBKCA) and was its initial chairman.

Contact Bellewstown Kennels & Cattery at 041 9811985 or 087 682 7097

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