Bellewstown Kennels and Cattery - Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery in East Meath, North County Dublin

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The Construction of Bellewstown Kennels & Cattery a purpose built and designed dog boarding kennels

Here we would like to share with you the construction of Bellewstown Kennels which was purpose-built to reduce the amount of stress a dog may experience while staying away from their home.

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The kennels taken from the car park. All areas are fenced with the car park gate only left opened during opening hours.This picture showing the front of the kennels was taken when things were nearing completion. Missing are the PVC windows upstairs, fencing enclosing the patio area and the landscaping.Underfloor heating runs throughout the whole ground floor.  This is essential in the modern kennel as the kennel can be as full in the cold damp winter as in a warm dry summer. A major advantage of underfloor heating is that it keeps the building dry evenThe heating is in zones so that when the kennels are only half or quarter full over the winter months the whole kennel building does not have to be heated, just the sections where there are dogs.The kennels are split into four sections with the middle section containing the grooming and store rooms. The insulated double walls ensure a warm and dry kennel. Splitting the kennel into sections means that feeding, exercising and cleaning can be done wHere the cement floor is being lifted into place. This helps to cut down on any noise upstairs disturbing the dogs downstairs and also coming from the dogs to the cattery upstairs.The entrance to the kennels; the three doors go into the different kennel sections with the fourth section entered under the stairs. Everything including the fridge is off the floor to ensure that total cleaning is possible. Dog food is held in the trolleOne of the three sections of the six-unit kennels. Dogs don't face each other, thus cutting down on stress. The other two sections are similar to this which helps to minimise dogs being disturbed when other boarders are coming and going. It also allows thThe back of the kennels which shows the top paddock into which dogs from the top sections of the six kennels can be let out. The same applies to the other section of six kennels where the dogs can be let into the bottom paddock. The roof covering the outd

Contact Bellewstown Kennels & Cattery at 041 9811985 or 087 682 7097

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